Fantasy Castle - Glow in the dark

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Fantasy Castle
197 Piece Glow in the Dark wall stickers
Fantasy Castle, Mythical unicorns, moon's and Hot air Balloons
Beautiful and detailed by day and Glowing bright at night
Does you little one love unicorns and princess and has an imagination that can run wild? Then why not help all their dream come true with this magical fantasy castle glow in the dark wall sticker set. 
It's beauty by day is only enriched at night by its bright glow that will only delight
Let your child help to design where to place all 197 pieces in this magnificent set of glow in the dark wall stickers. 
197 pieces include
Castle in clouds 30x22cm
Unicorn 20x19cm
Crescent Moon 15X15cm
Hot air balloon 15x11cm
Hot air balloon 12x8cm
Hot air balloon 10x7.5cm
3 x Fluffy clouds
3 x Colourful full moons
9 x shooting stars
9 x Large stars
27 x X-stars
66 x Medium stars
72 x Small stars


Material: PVC


Let them absorb daylight to glow in the dark.

The product applies to smooth surfaces, such as glass, metal, walls etc. Just make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the stickers

Will not stick to rough surfaces like fabrics, bricks, wood.